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Welcome to 3D Printing in LA


Todays 3d printers are not as complicated as many people might think. A standard FDM printer is actually very similar to a hot glue gun.

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Art and 3D printing – How today’s artists are re imagining the way they make art

Sculpture, 2D Portraits, and 3D custom work is available

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Today’s artists are creative thinkers who step outside the boundaries of traditional art. They lend their expertise to all aspects of the design and manufacturing process.
Specialty Filament and Additive manufacturing

Filament and Specialty Construction

Selecting the right materials for your work of art can be a challenge but the many types of material can make the process rewarding as well.

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Join our Meetup group in Los Angeles

The most important part of the process is working together to form a group of like minded artists and makers who want to collaborate in a unified way.

Regular meetings in the Downtown LA area will be informative as well as fun. Join us at the link below on Meetup

After working in the arts community for 15 years, I decided to contribute even more and become an artist myself, using technology to see some of my art come to life..

Artists, students, hobbyists, all are encouraged to join.

Next Steps…

Stop by and join our meetup group 3D Printing in LA, or contact us to talk about a 3D printing idea

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