Web Design

I am a Web Designer with a passion for technology. I am also an entrepreneur, with a small business in downtown la as well as several online sites that will soon feature items for sale.

3d Printing

I started this website to help open up the world of 3D printing to everyone. Tech oriented or not, this technology will touch all our lives soon. Lets take a look and get organized.

The Basics

The 3d printing machines

Simply put, most of these machines create things by building thin layers of material on top of each other.The workflow begins with a file, either created by software or already compiled, to create a printable 3d model. The 3d file is then loaded into slicing software, where the printer receives its instructions on exactly how to print the model.

A new opportunity exists for everyone to learn about this


Most smaller printers are the FDM model, or Fused Deposition Modeling, a proprietary term. This is the “hot glue gun” style of printer most people are familiar with.

Other styles of printer are now coming available, with different types of printing medium available. Plastic, wood, ceramic clay, and sandstone are all now being 3d printed.


There are many types of plastic filament, and currently these are the most popular for the hobbyist type of machines. Each has different characteristics and specific printing requirements.

ABS wire plastic for 3d printer of different colors